I am a Canadian freelance writer living in Greece. My interests are wide and varied and include Greek history and culture, the Greek language, Greek politics and current affairs,  psychology, mental health, literature, poetry, art, music, and living the examined life. 

I moved to Greece in June, 2021, to be with my sweetheart and her two boys. We married in August and now Greece is my new home. We live on small farm in Attica, south of Athens, with chickens, ducks, donkeys, goats, a cow, and many cats and dogs. 


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  1. Charles Gilles Masse says:

    Bonjour Bruce,

    As a “primal old-timer” (started my primal journey at Janov’s Primal Institute in New York in April 1980), I found your writings on Primal Therapy VERY interesting. We might very well learn much by sharing notes on the primal process. I hope you are still active, your latest posts are from 2012…

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